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Import & Sync your products from your current website easily


- Globalboardsports.com will automatically import your products, then adjust inventory as orders come in, and sync available stock quantities between your website and globalboardsports.com platform.

- Whenever you add new products to your own website they will be automatically listed on Globalboardsports.com website too.


How PayPal payments work when you sell a product.


1) Customers buy your products or services.


2) PayPal process the payment, keeping everyone’s financial details protected.



3) Your business instantly receives the payment minus Globalboardsports.com small percentage of commission. Easy as that!

4) You then ship the product to the customer using your usual carrier.


5) Returns. If a customer wants to return something *PayPal will refund return shipping costs on eligible purchases. See the General Conditions of Use for more information or visit https://www.paypal.com.


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